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Welcome to Buy Muck Boots Online?


Get your entries over for this Months competition, think mud, horses, gardens, dog walks, just for a few topics of photo.

Do you want to see the winning photographs, just click HERE to see the monthly winners  

'Me & My MUCK BOOTS' Competition


Do you love Muck Boots and would love a FREE pair of Muck Boots? Well our latest competition could be just for you. Every month we give a free pair of boots to the best photograph and caption of how you use yours.  

How to Enter: Simply pop your photo over by email to sales@internetgardener.co.uk complete with caption and our team will pick out the winner.

The February winner is......Rona Vasey with her entry


'Me & My Muck Boots - Douglas uses Muck Boots for walks and jumps on the beach'

Check out the Muck Boots review / testing video

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Xpress cool

Xpress COOL


... the next big step in insulated boot design

Neoprene insulated boots have changed our expectations for a wellington boots with no more cold and damp in winter.


However, sometimes the insulation can make your feet too hot in warmer weather.


Muck Boots have solved that problem with the introduction of Xpress COOL technology.


With a 6mm EVA sole liner and the inner liner to the boot upper absorbs any moisture and spreads it across the drier areas of the boot to provide a cooler more comfortable boot.  


So now you can have a 100% waterproof boot that will be comfortable to wear in sub freezing temperatures, through to +35º C


The 'year round' insulated boots have arrived

Muck Boots are cetainly getting a high level of exposure!


The high quality insulated boots are in numerous news articles and have recently been introduced to Harrods with a display of some of the styles available.

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Here at The Internet Gardener Ltd we're a little obsessed with the wonderful world of Muck Boots. That is why we have developed this niche website - www.ButMuckBootsOnline.co.uk to enable us to not only list the products, but also provide a wealth of background information on the wonderful boots.


We are mindful that the recent change in the style names may cause some confusion for those seeking to replace existing Muck Boots. We therefore have a web page indicating all the familiar styles listed adjacent the correspaonding new styles - see our Compare Muck Boots page


Muck Boots are not cheap, but they offer excellent value for money. They are high quality 100% waterproof insulated boots that for many will be a considered purchase. We are so convinced that Muck Boots offer exceptional value for money that we even have a web page describing the manufacturing & testing process required to achieve a product of this standard  - see our Why Muck Boots page


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Feature Muck Boot of the Month

This month we are featuring the -




Sharing the same deep lugged sole as the Muckmaster, Woody Max & Greta boots, the Arctic Sport is intened to provide good levels of grip in muddy fields, along river banks and in deep snow.


As the name suggests, the Arctic Sport is designed to keep your feet warm in temperatures down to -40ºC, making them ideal for Farmers, Vets, Walkers and especially Anglers, who always seem to have their feet in cold water for long periods at a time.


A fleece inner lining provides the extra insulation qualities.

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