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This is an extract from The Times


On the same page as Prince Harry & Cressida is an article 'How to spot a New Sloane'

Apparently 'New Sloanes' spend the summer at music festivals and are therefore used to muddy fields.


That's probably where they first started to use Muck Boots.


Things have progressed and now the only respectable footwear in rainy Sloane Square or Kensington are Muck Boots or Le Chameau wellies.


Not sure how the word gets around in the 'New Sloane' circles about Muck Boots, as 'New Sloanes' apparently avoid social media.


What the article does not say is if you should be seen wearing the sturdy Muckmaster, the Colt Rider or the stunning Hot Pink Arctic Adventure Muck Boots!

New Sloane Rules Oct 2013 compact NetMums Muck Boot Review is a well respected website offering advise and reviews on a wide range of products.


We thought it a good idea to see how their reviewers rated Muck Boots, so we sent along a few samples.


We were not surprised when all the reviewers provided glowing reports.


Click on the image below. This will take you to the website, where you can read all 12 reviews.

We noticed Chris Packham wearing his Muck Boot Chore Cool on Tuesday's Autumn Watch programme.


The Chore COOL has the latest XpressCOOL inner liner to avoid localised heat build up.


It also uses a layer of Spandula mesh to the outer face as protection for the neoprene.


Spandula provides a robust protective layer, but is much lighter than the rubber outer layer normally associated with neoprene boots.

The Times 14th October 2013

Muck Boots excel in Review

Muck Boots on BBC Autumn Watch 29th October 2013


Muck Boots in Harrods for Christmas!


To assist the New Sloane's in there quest to purchase the trending Muck Boots, Harrod's have now introduced a small collection.


The stand currently has :-


Top row left to right - Colt Ryder  & Chore COOL

Bottom row Tack Black, Edgewater & Fieldblazer


Muck Boots Harrods

Muck Boots in The Daily Telegraph 14th December 2013

In Helen Yemm's column we found this article on Muck Boots.

The reader is planning a 'Worldwide Wintry Trip' and needed advice on suitable boots for the trip.

There are certainly suitable boots in th emuck Boot range for such a trip. The Arctic Sport in black and moss come readily to mind, having a comfort range between -40ºC to +16ºC

The only problem with the article is that Helen refers people to the UK distributor for the boots, rather than a retailer....may we suggest   or