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General Use

SubZeroº C to + 30º C

Select your Muck Boots by the comfort Temperature Range

The Muck Boot range caters for customers that use their boots in extremely cold temperatures, to those that wish to use their boots all year round.


Therefore if you generally use your boots for all year round dog walking, a Boot like the Arctic Sport may be useful in the depths of winter, but your feet may be too hot in the height of summer.


We thought the following guide may provide some useful general comfort ranges for the various boots in the Muck Boot range.


There are four comfort range categories that cover the majority of the muck boot range

Extreme Cold

-50º C to + 4º C

Very Cold

-40º C to + 15º C

Arctic Pro


currently unavailable



-30º C to + 20º C

muckmaster-green arctic-hot-pink greta-violet

Chore 2KMoss

Chore 2K Moss

Chore Safety

CHCT-900+Xpress+Cool+ chore-safety Tack-Black edgewater-2 trent-camo hale

Xpress COOL

Sub Zero to + 35º C


The all year round boots

trent-camo Arctic-Weekend-Black-Maroon colt-ryder reign-black Untitled-9 Chore Hi Black chore-hi-moss woody-max

Muck Boots are only available in full sizes - no 1/2 size options.


Therefore you may need to wear thicker socks to achive a comfortable fit.


Most importantly you must ensure there is no 'heel lift', as rubbing of the heel against the inner liner of the boot will cause the liner to wear prematurely and blisters to form on the heel.


As many people have one foot smaller than the other, the potential for 'heel lift' in one boot may be an issue and needs to be adressed when you initially try the boots.


Premature wear due to ill fitting boots is not covered by the manufacturers warranty. Therefore, if there is concern regarding 'heel lift' the boots should be returned & exchanged for a different size.


Boots that have been used outdoors cannot be accepted as a return for refund.




Things to consider when purchasing Muck Boots 

Muck Boots come in a wide range of styles & varying sole patterns.


It is essential you select the correct sole pattern  to suit the typical use of the boot.


As an example, the Chore Muck Boots have a traditional patterned sole, more suited to hard surfaces, whereas the Muckmaster has a lugged sole that is more suited to muddy fields & snow covered ground.