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Muck Boot Chore COOL Brown


The Muck Boot Chore COOL Brown incorporates all the latest insulated boot design features.

There are a number of innovations in the boot design.
Inside the boot there is a mesh sock liner to provide extra comfort and reduce friction to the sole of the foot. Inside the upper, there is a layer of XpressCOOL to provide protection against fungus and bacteria.

XpressCOOL works by absorbing moisture away from the foot. It then distributes the moisture thoughout the inner boot to enhance the overall drying rate. This has the effect of cooling the foot in areas or usuall heat build up to enhance the overall comfort of the boot.

The typical comfort range for the Muck Boot Chore COOL Brown, is from sub zero to +35º C  - quite an impressive working range.

To complete the imressive specification, the Muck Boot Chore COOL Brown has the 'Vibram Outsole' outer sole pattern that has been designed for general use

Externally, the Muck Boot Chore COOL Brown has a layer of SPANDURA bonded to the neoprene. This provides protection to the neoprene, but is more flexable and considerably lighter than the normal 2mm thick rubber protection.

The Muck Boot Chore COOL also has the latest VIBRAM multi-purpose sole


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